Bethany Lutheran Church

Founded: 13/12/1882 Current Use: Active Congregation

Second church, replacing earlier building struck by lightning and destroyed by fire Built in 1898 by Danish born Nis P. Hjuler (b. 1864, Sonder-Jutland)–carpenter, blacksmith, and a founding member of the congregation–along with other volunteers from the congregation Hjuler also responsible for most of the church’s interior work, much of which remains intact today Early 1900s, pressed tin added on interior walls and ceiling Painted enamel wood graining on pulpit, wainscoting, window and door surrounds, and original pews with decorative woodwork all constitute a rare surviving example of Danish decorative arts; wood graining a common decorative art of period. Not clear if Hjuler did wood graining, but he was responsible for other decorative woodwork. This church and the Immanuel Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kimballton were once one church until the worldwide split of the Danish Lutheran Church in 1894. NRHP, 1991, lists property as significant under “Decorative Arts”

Builder: Nis P. Hjuler

Historic Name: Free Evangelical Lutheran Church / Bethania Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran

Renovations/Additions: 1906, gable altered for school room 1980-81, windows remodeled Removal of original altarpiece, lowering of pulpit

References: Rogers, Leah. "Bethany Lutheran Church National Register Nomination." Preservation Partnership, Center Point, IA, May 25, 1991.

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