East Paint Creek Lutheran

Founded: 13/12/2023 Current Use: Seasonal

Church founded by Norwegians from Luther Valley, Rock County, WI, who thought the area looked like Norway. Originally worshiped in log structure. East church built 1870, oldest church locally built by Norwegian settlers (Original West burned, except for stone walls, rebuilt 1969) East built by W.A. Erikson, who quarried the limestone Meets with Old West Paint a Paint Creek Lutherans 2-point parish, erasing historic 19th-century split Meatball suppers (west) and Norwegian baked goods Among oldest Norwegian Lutheran congregations in IA Exterior features include bulls eye window over portico, cast iron rosettes along cornice line, Stucco over limestone in 1906 for preservation Original interior woodwork, altar, communion rail, pews, baptismal font, chandelier, pressed tin ceiling

Builder: W.A. Erikson

References: Jacobsen, James E. East Paint Lutheran Church National Register Nomination Form. IA SHPO, Des Moines, May 25, 1983.

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