First Lutheran Church

Founded: 13/12/2023 Current Use: Active Congregation

Church organized by Danish-born pioneering Midwest Lutheran pastor and church leader, Claus L. Clausen (1820-1892) Built 1864, stone narthex 1941 Limestone, good example of vernacular Gothic architecture, 92 foot steeple with bell installed 1868 “No single architect guided the buildings design or construction. Reverend Clausen supplied what information he had concerning building churches, and the chief stone masons, the Rauk Bros, and the Sveidengard Bros., together with the two head carpenters, designed and improvised as the building progressed.” (Biedermann, 1976) Walls lathed and plastered in 1898 Fall bazaar includes lefse, also a quilt extravaganza

Builder: Rauk Brothers, stone masons, Sveidengard Brothers builders, with some design ideas from Rev. Claus Clausen

Historic Name: First English Evangelical Lutheran Church Of West Allis

Renovations/Additions: 1941, stone narthex additon

References: Biedermann, W. H. First Lutheran Church National Register Nomination Form. County Liaison for Historic Preservation, Osage, IA, 1976.

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