Immanuel Lutheran Church

Founded: Current Use: Active Congregation

Built 1904 following the worldwide split of the Danish Lutheran Church 10 years prior, Grundtvigian synod of the Danish Lutheran Church (followed teachings of Bishop N.F.S. Grundtvig; only surviving Grundtvigian church in local area Best preserved Danish church in Shelby and Audubon Counties, an area that still associates closely with its Danish heritage Exemplifies work of skilled Danish craftsmen Church designed and built by Danish Americans Niels Hansen (exterior), in cruciform plan like a similar church in West Denmark, WI (no longer extant) and Jens Rasmussen (interior). Both were from West Denmark, WI, and had built the church there. Immanuel’s pastor at the time, Jens Gregersen, was also from West Denmark and brought the two craftsmen to the project in Kimballton. Rasmussen handcrafted traditional Danish features such as the pulpit, the altar, and the communion railing. Christ-like statue is copy of Thorvaldsen Christ from Vor Frue Kirke , Copenhagen Original clear window panels replaced with stained glass Interior includes the carved ship common to Danish Grundtvigian churches.

Builder: Niels Hansen

Historic Name: Emmanuel Lutheran Church

Craftspeople/Artists: Jens Rasmussen (pulpit, altar, communion railing)Jens Rasmussen (pulpit, altar, communion railing)

Renovations/Additions: One story brick addition to north

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