Ingemann Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church

Founded: 13/12/1882 Current Use: Other, Memorial Day service, weddings, funerals

Founded in 1882 and built in 1884, tower and foyer 1904, (by Danish-born architect and cabinet maker Andrew Simonsen) served Danish immigrants throughout area known as €œDane Hollow€ Named for Danish novelist, poet, and hymnist Bernard Severin Ingemann Maintained by church‘s preservation society and open for weddings, reunions, and annual Memorial Day service Lovely rural setting but recent vandalism€”subject of 2016-present gofundme campaign to restore-raised $7800+ National Register, 2012

Builder: Andrew Simonsen, architect and cabinet maker

Renovations/Additions: 1904, tower and foyer

References: Rogers, Leah D. Ingemann Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church and Cementery National Register Nomination Form. Tallgrass Historians, Iowa City, IA. June 29, 2012.

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