Lyster Lutheran Church

Founded: 13/12/1866 Current Use: Active Congregation


Historic Name: Lyster Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Congregation At Little Bear Creek

Craftspeople/Artists: Ole T. Myren, carving; Sarah Kirkeberg Raugland, altar paintingOle T. Myren, carving; Sarah Kirkeberg Raugland, altar painting

Renovations/Additions: 1883, present chancel, carvings by Ole T. Myren 1901, sacristy Early 1900s, stained glass windows 1946, fiberboard covering interior walls, stained glass windows by altar added 1947, new parish hall built (separate building) 1971, new organ purchased 1976, front addition with restrooms, etc. 1978, vinyl siding on exterior 1983, picnic shelter built. 1985, complete renovation of pulpit and lectern,painting, new lighting 1989, remodeling of parish hall 1996, walls insde church painted white

Associated Structures: Parish Hall and picnic shelter

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