Augustana Lutheran

Sioux City, IA

The congregation of Augustana Lutheran Church dates back to 1875, when Swedish Lutheran immigrants chose Sioux City, Iowa as their home. As charter members of the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church, the congregation originally met at a schoolhouse at Third and Virginia Streets. Over the next decade, the congregation would move to a second building at Fifth and Virginia Streets, before beginning construction of their current building in 1889 at Sixth and Court. The constructed church reflects both the diverse craftsmanship of its members as well as the local industry by using materials from the Sioux City Brick and TIle Company.

Today, Augustana Lutheran welcomes its surrounding community with the motto, “Visitors Expected!” Those who do visit will find numerous iterations of original craftsmanship which reflect the congregation’s Swedish heritage, from the 115 ft spire to the Iron Balcony Rail. Visitors may also catch a glimpse of the numerous community serving programs such as Piece Corps (a charitable quilting group of the congregation) or Spares and Pairs Square Dancers practicing in the gymnasium.

When a roof leak caused damage to two levels of the church’s interior, the congregation undertook work to repair the damage while maintaining a high sensitivity to the historic craftsmanship. With a grant of $6,750 from the Nordic Heritage Churches Project, Augustana Lutheran raised a matching $8,700 to complete needed repairs to the interior plaster.

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