Hallson Icelandic Lutheran

Cavalier, ND

The history of Hallson Icelandic Lutheran Church dates back to as early as 1881, when the congregation of Tungar Sofnudur (or the Tongue River Congregation) was organized. In 1886, the Tongue River Congregation was divided into two (the Hallson Church and the Vidalin Church). During the first eleven years following the separation, the Hallson congregation met in the home of its pioneer congregations. The current structure was built in 1897 for the congregation on land donated by J.P. Hallson.

Today, the property is stewarded by the Northeastern North Dakota Heritage Association—an organization founded in 1986 to promote public education of the Settlement Era Story of northeastern North Dakota. Relocated to Icelandic State Park, the historic Hallson Icelandic Lutheran is now a part of the Pioneer Heritage Center and serves as representative to the pioneer churches and religions established in northeastern North Dakota.

With a $13,000 grant from the Nordic Heritage Church project, Hallson raised matching funds to replace the storm windows and plywood window surrounds for the church’s stained glass windows. Additionally, Hallson Icelandic Lutheran participated in Phase 2 of the program, and commissioned four pieces of folk art created by four artists. The four art pieces include a bonadsmalning painting which tells the history of Hallson Church and a decorative iron rod to support the painting. Bonadsmalning is a traditional southern Swedish method of creating painted tapestries which tell meaningful stories. Also commissioned were a baptismal bowl and Hardanger paraments. On July 24, 2022, a Nordic Arts dedication was held–accompanied by the talents of the Nordic Fiddlers Players.



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