Hardies Creek Lutheran

Ettrick, WI

Hardies Creek Lutheran was constructed in 1915, as the second home for the congregation originally organized by Norwegian pioneers. When the lower level floors of the Hardies Creek Lutheran needed to be replaced in 1947, members of Hardies Creek Men’s Lutheran Brotherhood stepped up to the plate. Each member decided to cut three oak trees from their own properties, which were carefully treated and installed into the 48’ x 32’ and 12’x4’ sections.

As Hardies Creek Lutheran applied to the Nordic Heritage Churches Project, the lower level floors installed by the Brotherhood were in need of refinishing. With $1,880 in a matching grant awarded through the program, Hardies Creek Lutheran restored the existing, historic wood floor in the lower level of the church. The resulting work both preserved the historic oak floors and the living legacy of the congregation whose members remember fathers and grandfathers who were a vital part of the initial project.

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