Nora Unitarian Universalist

Hanska, MI

The white Gothic Revival bell tower of Nora Unitarian Universalist stands apart from its neighboring oak trees on a hilltop overlooking Hanska, Minnesota. The building is noted as historically significant for its close association with Kristofer Janson and Amandus Norman, founding ministers and Norwegian immigrants who are noted for their impact on the religious, political, and cultural lives of Minnesotans in the late nineteenth century.

Today, Nora UU continues to celebrate their Norwegian heritage in several ways including selling homemade Norwegian specialties–often producing over a hundred pounds of lefse each autumn. Nora UU also stewards the Jorgenson Museum, a log structure moved onto church grounds in the 1930’s to house artifacts of the early Hanska community.

With a $13,000 grant from the Nordic Heritage Churches program, Nora UU raised matching funds to restore the belfry and ensure its longevity for years to come.

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