Our Savior’s Lutheran

Viborg, SD

Our Savior’s Lutheran Church continues to honor the shared Danish heritage of Viborg, South Dakota through annual celebration, teaching Danish dance, and providing tours of the historic church. With a grant of $13,000 from the Nordic Heritage Churches Project, Our Savior’s Lutheran raised over $32,000 to refurbish and restore the stained glass windows in the church, including the addition of exterior plate glass to protect the newly-restored windows.

Additionally, Our Savior’s Lutheran participated in Phase 2 of the program and commissioned a handcrafted Danish ship model. The practice of churches housing model ships remains a common tradition in Denmark. Traditionally, the models were given by sailors as a token of gratitude for a safe journey or a rescue at sea. The ship model at Our Savior’s was gifted from a congregant, who’s grandfather began to build the model in 1936. The original craftsman was a former member of the congregation who originally worked in the Danish shipyards of Copenhagen prior to immigrating to America. The wood model which had remained unfinished will be placed on display in a newly completed cabinet.


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