Trinity Lutheran

Brevort, MI

Constructed in 1922, the historic structure of Trinity Lutheran reflects the Swedish heritage of immigrants who chose Brevort as their home in the late 19th century. With a grant of $4,000 from the Nordic Heritage Churches program, Trinity Lutheran undertook two capital projects to restore significant examples of arts and craftsmanship within their historic building.

The outlined priority of the congregation was the restoration of the altar painting. Over time, soot from altar candles created a thick layer over the oil painting, creating discoloration, and under the skilled hands of a conservator, the layers of grime were removed with cleaning solutions and restretched onto a custom made wood stretcher. The second project completed included the restoration of the hardwood floors through removing carpeting, sanding, and varnishing original floors. The restored elements preserve the character of Trinity Lutheran, and will assist in sharing its Swedish heritage for years to come.

Trinity Lutheran Church (Brevort, Michigan) with its Midsummer Pole and pavilion (used for the community potluck). The tied poplar leaves remain until replaced by fresh ones the following year. Photo by Laurie K. Sommers.

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