Dalesburg Lutheran

Vermillion, SD

Every year during Midsommar, Dalesburg Lutheran Church becomes a must-visit site for the wider-community to enjoy a festival filled with Scandinavian folk music, dancing, and a traditional Smörgåsbord. In partnership with the Dalesburg Scandinavian Association and Friends of Midsommar, Midsommar at Dalesburg Lutheran engages over 500 members of the wider community to honor the shared Scandinavian roots of southeastern South Dakota.

For over 150 years, Dalesburg Lutheran has served three neighboring towns and continues the Nordic heritage of their congregation—Swedish immigrants who came to the Clay County, Dakota Territory in the 1860s under the Homestead Act. As the only ADA accessible facility in the community, the church property remains a key asset for local gatherings and celebrations. Therefore, when the roof began to show early onset signs of water damage, the congregation quickly realized the need to ensure the integrity of their building.

With $13,000 from the Nordic Heritage Churches Project, Dalesburg Lutheran was able to raise matching funds which supplemented long-term funds for the church to complete the needed roof replacement project.

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